More than 300 Integrated Products

More than 300 Integrated Products


Today AMHES,  regarding not only the field of natural herbal supplements but many others, may really serve as a company model. The company for several years has been considered as one of the most modern and organized companies in the area of the dietary supplements. Always faithful to its top five values as useful, innovative, of high quality, safe and affordable products, AMHES  offers products that stand out for their quality, while they differentiate from all the rest. At the same time AMHES devolps “expanding and aggressive” strategies, by creating and developing new products meant to cover any new need of the consumer. The company offers more than 300 products in total, which have been created in order to meet any nutritional needs may occur. 

All AMHES products are carefully designed, with every stage of production being controlled by the experienced staff of the company, providing thus products of excellent quality. AMHES offers dietary supplements mainly in the form of tablets and capsules,  whereas a more advanced  form in spray for vitamins and mineralsthere is  available  , which is much more immediate as through  only one spray under the tongue area  results may be faster. The so called Aero Vitamins™ series may reflect the innovative spirit of AMHES as  we here literally talk about pioneering products, that everyone may use.


At the same time AMHES is seriously active in the area of the production of fresh fruits and vegetables as this is reflected in  the series Fresk & Ap. Within a very short span of time the company has managed to become one of the most important providers of fresh tomatoes to large supermarket groups, while the goal is  to promote its other fresh products too such as Artichoke and Capers Tinos. Products of the afore mentioned categories are grown in lands that have been very carefully selected in order to achieve the best quality, while, in the frame of social and corporate responsibility, the application of traditional farming methods always in accordance with good practices is a must.


Furthermore, AMHES has an active presence in area of beverages, as it produces refreshing beverages, which give energy, wellness and relaxation, while thanks to their composition they are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients and may be taken as real refreshments in many distinct flavors. 

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